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An apparent Vantage point for Fruit Trees amidst existing groves of other Species
Local, Science
481 Posts
November 9, 2021 - 1:15 am

Recently, the other day an article I will post later spurred me to post again some of what's to me the most unusual sightings of apricots as far as being this side of the mountains and most durable in our conditions in the most unlikely thriving micro-climate of shading being cast on them almost all day long. The first I ever knew of was 'Briancon apricot', a species and probably the only one in P.N.W. known of. Then the imitation to it (second one) of mine, once reported here with three consecutive years of fruitful proof, and also thriving in a shaded micro-climate setting.

To go about what I mean slowly and point to point what I mean is as follows.

Compared #one, by Art Jacobson, and updated Sept 2021 with rate of growth since 2003 as per red updated text area within.

...and the sighting for the sake of those not wanting to read his is all day long resides under a maple and evergreen cedar, both natives, have seen the site myself.

The second (comparable #2) I planted, a copycat of the first after his writing in 2003.

...and looks at all three fruit-setting pictures and dates are all that's needing looked at here.

It's important to note now that -mine being north and in undersides all day long of native cottonwood trees as today's picture shows apricot encircled in white -per picture.

So for the book readers and the science behind the possible creation of viable apricot trees among established native tree populations -the supporting information on the latest of puzzling life lending traits in what we are curious, will paste it as following a google link. In turn page to the same subsection of the full article to seek out two more links (ie. 2017 and 2018), and the last 5 years of information will reside there.

Benefits alluding to Species Support system and my way of explaining relating Proofs and Findings here to Two exampled PNW apricots

Once the scientific concept is understood it kind of softens up on some of the former ideas talked about on fruit tree cultivar specific strengths for the previous apricot older discussion now doesn't it?

John S
1044 Posts
November 9, 2021 - 4:49 pm

I would be very interested in growing this tree if we could get consistent harvests without excessive disease pressure on the west side of the Cascades.

John S

481 Posts
November 9, 2021 - 5:50 pm

But you get the idea right? Concerning the idea that wild native stands of trees of any kinds can benefit fruit trees such as even apricots?

I had taken apricot grafts from that place under the cottonwoods. Once verified they do flower and fruit in my yard where there is an absence of cottonwoods or other established wild trees in my yard, yes I will share, as then it would be special as a PNW cultivar. Supposedly if this were PNW fruitable then I guess there must be some tendencies of less tamed apricots still yet around that have not forgot these natural associations with other unrelated trees.

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