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Last week of April 2022: What's bloomin'?
Pears? Apples? Other things?
Lewis Co., WA
375 Posts
April 23, 2022 - 7:14 pm

...What was it?  Perhaps 3 weeks ago that it seemed like spring was arriving?... and then (at least here)  3 consecutive days of April snow.  April snow?!  Buds that were burgeoning were put on hold, and it's only now that the weather is returning to "normal" (--whatever THAT means anymore--) now that the "pause" button has been depressed.  

I ended up doing some late pruning in order to better shape the young trees for shape and stronger growth in subsequent years, so some young trees that might've bloomed this spring won't be doing so.  That being said, I did a quick survey this afternoon and found the following:

PEARS:  Finally, with the "pause button" off, 'Ubileen', 'Flemish Beauty', 'Marie Louise', and 'Bosc' are coming into flower.  The very fact that the 'Bosc' pear is normally one of the latest bloomers clearly indicates just how screwed-up our weather has gotten....

APPLES:  Those with buds now showing color are 'Pomme Grise', 'St. Edmunds Pippin', 'Ginger Gold', 'Liberty', 'Ross Nonpareil', 'Williams Pride', 'Berne Rose'; 'Adams Pearmain', 'Brown Russet', and a selection of Malus sieversii var kirghizorum with nice rose-pink flowers and reddish-tinted leaves, which always seems to be the first to try and bloom.  It blooms, but I have yet to see a fruit on it.  If the weather now truly turns to spring, I'm sure that the other apples that were "put on hold" will be eager to bloom ASAP.  I think that I still prefer a more traditional, "old-fashioned", slower spring season.


28 Posts
April 23, 2022 - 11:40 pm

So far, things seem to be starting to bloom about 5-7 days later than last year. That is toward the later side of average.  Anna and Williams’ Pride are about in full bloom here.  It always amazes me how different the start of bloom time can be from year to year.  For example, Williams’ Pride has opened the first flower as late as May 1 in 2011and as early as March 23 in 2015!  If I look at the NOWData at the National Weather Service and pick Accumulation Graphs and Growing Degree Days for my area, their chart coincides with my data.  2011 was the year with the lowest accumulation of growing degree days to date (April 22) with 6, and 2015 had the highest accumulation of GGDs with 139.  We currently have 27 GGD’s, and normal is 52.

Livland Raspberry, Pendragon, Red Devil, Smokehouse, Zaychuck #1, Niedzwetzkyana, Priam, Puget Spice, and Keener Seedling also have blossoms open.  Some of the Asian pears are done already, most pears are in full bloom, and Bosc and Marie Louise are just opening.  It remains to be seen how much damage there will be from several recent nights of 27-28 degree temps.  The bud damage charts would indicate about 50% bud kill by now.  On the bright side, I may not have to do much thinning this year.


151 Posts
April 24, 2022 - 12:18 pm

Quince tree is in full bloom after a slow start. Perhaps 10 days behind average.

Covered in pink, quite attractive.

Philomath, OR
69 Posts
April 24, 2022 - 3:34 pm

Our asian pears flowered a few weeks ago. The cherries are at the end of flowering, maybe one more week. The apples have not flowered nor have the european pears, the flower buds look close though. The grapes and the kiwi are also not flowering. The  eating plums(they are blue, its all I know) have not yet flowered. The maples are flowering all over the place. The walnuts have not yet flowered. The bulbs have flowered, and the bluebells are in full swing. The heather is in flower and the ornamental plums(purple leaves and branches) have flowered. The rhodys have not flowered, but again they look close. Been cool and wet here (and some snow!), the first warmish day was yesterday.

Lewis Co., WA
375 Posts
April 26, 2022 - 6:43 pm

My posting was on the 23rd.  Sunday, the 24th, got "all the way up" to a glorious 61 degrees! Smile  ...Then, I found that "they" were going to turn the temperature down again for the rest of the week.  Doggone!  Talk about jerkin' the poor plants around when they just want to flower and get pollinated!

Apparently the sun and warmth on Sunday the 24th was sufficient, at least, for some further growth and development amid the apples.  Additional apples that have started showing some bud color are:  'Zabergau Reinette' [which I think is misidentified], 'Ashmead's Kernel', 'Potter Cox', 'Queen Cox', 'Fiesta', 'Katja' ('Katy' in the UK), and 'Brownlees' Russet' (which the late connoisseur Nick Botner once described as "best of the russets").  There are other apples developing buds, but this whacky weather is going to have to co-operate.  Who knows what the summer weather holds?  Fortune tellers, at whatever price, can't let us know.


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