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Heat units, ripening times, and drought
John S
2564 Posts
October 9, 2022 - 4:40 pm

There have been many changes in terms of ripening times.  Some of it is due to climate change, and some is just variable.  We had a very wet spring, so our seasons started later this year.  Some of my american persimmons are ripening later.  Once again, h-118,  Prairie something according to One Green WOrld, produced no fruit.  Garretson is producing less, Early Golden much less and Szukis much, much more. 

With the increase in heat units, my ALtlander Pfannkuchen apfel (apple) is producing early. Autumn Olive is having a banner year.  I see no fruit on my Pineaple Guava, for the second year in a row. 

I have had many trees suffering from the drought. Some I didn't catch until they had already incurred damage. Traditionally, I never worried about fully grown trees suffering drought damage, but now they are suffering.  My yellow cornus mas wouldn't let the fruit drop, and then it was instantly all gone. 

When we've become accustomed to fruit ripening in a normal year, it's hard to figure out when it is ripe, because all of the factors are affecting ripening times.

Are your ripening times changing?

John S

Philomath, OR
64 Posts
October 10, 2022 - 2:40 pm

I am still new to my property, both springs were very different from one another. I did speak with a local grape grower(the make wine, and also sell unfermented juice, I make wine on the side for fun), and he said the grapes were very late, end of October. He also said the climate is becoming more erratic. I am going to move towards franken fruit(many types grafted onto one plant). 

590 Posts
October 10, 2022 - 8:04 pm

I also have a lot of young trees, care is irregular, and I'm still figuring out what happens when.

Last year my Nadia and Splash seemed to have a lot of overlap in ripening.  This year Splash was much later, and much later than last year.

My H118 is having its best crop ever, and they are just now starting to ripen the damaged ones.  Last year they were ripening Oct 5th.

The PCNA persimmon that is probably Ichi Ki Kei Jiro is later, and fruit are small.  I think it could have used more water, but foliage is doing well.  I'd cut it way back to graft Izu last year and Matsumoto Wase this year.

Coffeecake is fruiting for essentially the first time and fruit are starting to get some color.  I see in Seattle they are ripe.

My Violette de Bordeaux fig had only a few breba.  The main crop are still small and green.  The parent tree at my mom's house in Vancouver, she reports, is ripening more main crop right now than she can handle.

Ken's Red set a few kiwi this year, probably in spite of my poor attempt to supply pollen.  Some blueberry sized ones (small) were soft, so I tried them.  They tasted good, sweet, and normal - but were green.   Strange.  I know this is Ken's Red because it set a couple of fruit like the year after I planted it, without male pollen, and they were red-skinned as expected.

John S
2564 Posts
October 12, 2022 - 10:28 am

That's great news on your H118.  I may have to take scions and graft it into an area that is more shady and I can water more frequently.

I have more hardy kiwis this year than I normally do as well. I hope I get them before the squirrels do. They're ripening later than they used to at the old house. Probably due to very wet spring.


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