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Future of this Forum
We're wrapping up the 2 years of webmaster service provided by HOS as it closed. Now we need to figure out our next steps.
590 Posts
November 6, 2022 - 1:39 am

I'd meant to put some more thought into this an pull together information before posting.  But I figured I'd like to get folks thinking about it.

We're paid through the end of 2022.  Last I checked, maybe beginning of the year, our webmaster has said he'll be accommodating for a transition, and is open to discussing what a continuation in place would look like.  

Philomath, OR
64 Posts
November 6, 2022 - 10:08 am

I like the regional nature of this board/forum. I am also a member of Growing Fruit and I know some others  are as well. Growing fruit does have a regional PNW sub forum and it is useful, but this forum is great.  Do we need to make a financial contribution to keep HOS forum going? Or is it more of a technical issue, we need to migrate to a new system? Or both? Anyway if we need to pay I will pay, if we need to move I will move.  I am curious what this will be a transition to.  The Home Orchard education Center is doing its own thing, looks like. There is a great deal of fruit and berry growing going on there should be a way to take better advantage of that in a forum. Not that I am sure what that is. Helping newbies, and channeling the vast total experience of the forum. Discussion of the spring frost was very helpful. 

I used to live in SOCAL and was a member of the Rare fruit growers.  They were running up against the bifurcation of people wanted to grown mangos and other exotics  (These were mostly older retirees, and had a lot of time and money, but mostly time) and new people younger who wanted advice and community to grow citrus(but were still working). The publication varied from which pomegranate to grown based on taste(pomegranates are a common fruit there), to some fruit so rare I had not only never had them(mostly tropical stuff from Mexico or south east Asia) , I have never heard of them. My wife and I found tasting peaches great, arguing about how to grow black sapote in a specialized greenhouse with lights for warmth less so. The rare fruit growers had not solved that bifurcation by the time I moved.

John S
2564 Posts
November 6, 2022 - 3:48 pm

Yes, let's figure out what the financial need is, what might be a model where we can make this work, and figure it out. I would like to see it keep going.

JohN S

Vancouver SW Washington
656 Posts
November 7, 2022 - 1:04 pm

So it sounds like before the end of the year we will see a trust account posted so that allows donations. This would give us our chances, unless leaders would rather establish helping hands again like it used to(?). Because I think it's great here too. For here I have no recommendations at this time. I am not a user of 'Growing Fruit' blog but the only recommendation I would have for them is to make each comment tagged as html hyperlinks like they are here so that we can mutually share resources.

ie. one internal html hyperlink

Lewis Co., WA
374 Posts
November 10, 2022 - 5:25 pm

Hi Dear Forum Folks,

Whether I'm on The HOS Forum or not, I believe that the Forum is a tremendous and wonderful resource for so many people searching for information, especially as it relates to successfully cultivating fruiting plants in the fairly unique climate west of the Cascade Mountains.  Climate change is altering what we used to consider "normal" or "predictable".  Consequently, the up-to-date observations and comments of local fruit growers is particularly useful.

It's my sincere wish that the "HOS" Forum site can continue to be maintained into the future.  Even within the PNW, the sad dissolution of the Home Orchard Society will undoubtedly have left some people unable to interact with other fruit growers, particularly those who are amateurs but aficionados of fine, healthy, home-grown fruit.  Given the current financial climate with its inflationary rate -- not just in the U.S., but throughout the world -- I hope to see more people cultivating their own food at home, and they will need thoughtful, accurate information about how to meet with success in their endeavor.  

Meekly, and with an appreciation of the site's value,


Best wishes to you all. Smile

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