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How to add a photo with text.
Lewis Co., WA
374 Posts
March 9, 2020 - 6:36 pm

Hi Jesse,

Having been off and on the forum for maybe 3-4 years now, I'm aware that it can be quite a challenge to upload a photograph to accompany a posting.  I've read the instructions given in a couple of cases in the past where people had trouble doing so.  I've never posted a photo online, but I get the impression that the size of the photo file is critical in regard to whether or not it can be posted.

I just clicked onto a random photo on my hard drive to see how many megabytes it was:  3.2

If a photo that one wants to post on the site is "too large", is there some way to reduce its "size" in order to post it?  If so, please explain it to me as though I'm a (pre-internet era) child.  You're being queried by an older person who is a veritable technological dinosaur, and spends as little time as possible on the internet.    

If I am unable to post a photo with a comment, I may have to resort to contacting someone like davem to see if I can send him the photo to post on his own photo site.  I really don't want to have to impose on another member like that....


Reinettes (Tim)

142 Posts
March 9, 2020 - 8:26 pm

Many computer Operating Systems (OS) come with a program known as a photo editor.

The resizing function is usually accessed via the menu bar, tools option.

Apparently Windows 10 OS also comes with a drawing program, MS Paint.

One of the tools in Paint is a resizing option.

You have to open your image file in a program of that type and locate the resizing function.

Then you save (Save As) the resized image under a different filename, otherwise you will write over

the original large image. The smaller image is then suitable for upload to various websites.

For computer forums, an image width of 600 pixels is plenty (the resulting filesize will be much smaller).

The image height will vary depending on whether the image is landscape (wider in horizontal) or portrait

(taller vertically) view. Trying to upload and then render large image files on the Internet can take many seconds on

some devices. It is such a problem that very popular forums such as Pinterest and Houzz automatically

resize the images, sometimes with undesirable results. Even then, it can take awhile to upload

the large file. It is better to downsize the image beforehand.

See if you can locate a photo editor or drawing program on you computer and start from there.

Lewis Co., WA
374 Posts
March 9, 2020 - 9:13 pm

Hi Larry_G,

Thank you very much for your prompt response.  I appreciate it.  

I don't have Windows, per se, as we have an Apple computer, so I don't know what any "equivalents" would be relative to Windows.  The whole process as you describe it sounds very intimidating to me, but I will see if there is something that I can wrangle.

The whole computer incompatibility problem between Macs and PCs is only one problem for me in just trying to perform a single task.  A decade ago, when I bought a digital Olympus snapshot camera to take with me for use at my niece's wedding back in the midwest, the camera had a photo program that I downloaded to the computer.  It worked just fine.  Subsequently, perhaps 4 years ago, I upgraded the computer's Operating System and it supplanted my Olympus photo program with the Apple photo program.  Since then, I haven't bothered to try and understand all of the rigamarole required to do basic things with a given photo.  

...Let's just say that I don't find the "computer age" any improvement over the "reality age" that I grew up in.  I'll try to see what I can do on the matter.  Again, a sincere thanks for your response.


P.S. -- Don't text me or tweet.  I'm not here.  🙂

NE Portland, OR Cully Neighborhood
212 Posts
March 9, 2020 - 11:18 pm

I am also no tech wiz, but I sit with an Apple computer too. At least with the OS we have, (it's 10.13.6)  it's pretty easy to resize a picture. This is how I do it.

From the program that is now known as 'Photos' (this is where your pictures are kept when you plug into your computer, from a camera or a phone. I assume you probably have that figured out).

I drag a copy of a photo I select to the desktop, for resizing for the forum and to keep track of for ease of finding when I'm ready to post.    I open the image from the desktop copy, the default program it opens in is 'Preview'.   Select the 'Markup' button in the menu bar.   Another menu bar drops down, one button reads 'Adjust Size',  select that one.       The width and height boxes are exposed (in my latest; 3000 something  by 4000 something) I drop off the 1's decimal place in the width, the height decreases automatically, leaving me a 300 something by 400 something pixel photo that will upload to the forum quite nicely.    Select the ok button and close the resized photo.   When you're ready to post, select the altered desktop image from the photo upload menu . It looks quite small on the thumbnail but presents well on the forum. ....When I'm satisfied that every thing went through... I trash the desktop copy, leaving the original unedited in the 'Photos" library.  

Lewis Co., WA
374 Posts
March 11, 2020 - 8:09 pm

sweepbjames said
I am also no tech wiz, but I sit with an Apple computer too. At least with the OS we have, (it's 10.13.6)  it's pretty easy to resize a picture. This is how I do it.


Thank you very much for your input.  I appreciate it.  Perhaps, as a modern day dinosaur, I'll be able to pull this off eventually.  I guess I'll have to experiment and work up to it.  With each new iteration of an operating system, it seems like simple processes just become more complicated.  My old, celibate Mac IIsi (which still works) seemed to do everything I needed it to do.  It just seems like as time goes by, the newer programs are less for the users and more for the programming nerds.  All the new "bells and whistles" in operating system updates seem to make the programs more obscure and less accessible.

(Gripe, gripe, gripe.  Doggone old men who were happier in a simpler time....!)  Wink

By the way,... get off my lawn!


Battle Ground, WA
82 Posts
April 23, 2020 - 9:06 pm

Thank you, sweepbjames.  I also have an Apple computer and have never been able to upload pictures.  Your instructions worked, and I was able to post my first picture to the forum!

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