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Email notifications for Private Messages not received
582 Posts
January 5, 2022 - 1:02 pm

I have the option in my profile checked to receive email notifications for private messages, but don't seem to be getting them.   I've just recently discovered PMs from months ago.


Is this broken, or am I doing something wrong?

Lewis Co., WA
373 Posts
January 5, 2022 - 3:22 pm


I don't think that you're doing anything wrong.  It tends to be 1) when you're online there are so many distractions on screen of different options [if not ads)]; and 2) every site tends to be formatted and plotted differently, but there is never any overall "roadmap" for the user.  Every site that I go to has been constructed by a different person, or people, sometimes many different people over a span of time in this internet age.  I'm quite sure that they have a very clear mental image of the overall structure for that given site, but it isn't necessarily evident to a new user.  We may believe ourselves to be the "most advanced" species that this planet has ever seen, but we still can't read other people's minds.  

Online, where I'm largely an illiterate foreigner, I do my best to find my way.

As an example, this evening I need to renew my annual subscription to an organization that is about preserving rare, endangered, heirloom seeds.  All I need to do is renew, but -- last time I tried -- there were options for becoming a new member, or making contributions, etc., but if you're a longstanding member and you just want to renew, you'll be searching for quite awhile, while you could be preparing dinner. Smile

I think I've said it before:  I much prefer the Natural world to the Anthropogenic world.  No construct of sports, morality, religion, politics....  Just life as it has occurred for countless millennia.

(Geez.  I need to get a hobby.  ...Oh wait!  I've got some! Laugh)


Jackson County, OR (Zone 7b/8a)
34 Posts
January 6, 2022 - 10:46 am

@jafar I wholeheartedly agree with Reinettes' poetic response! You are doing nothing wrong... and the natural world is amazing 🙂

So I just sent you a PM and I was able to confirm that an email was indeed sent out. Do you mind checking your inbox for the notification? In case its not there be sure to check your spam and any other folders that might receive ads, etc.


582 Posts
January 6, 2022 - 12:26 pm

I got the email notification.  It was in my junk folder.  And I also see notification from 12/29 for another there, before I posted about notifications.

Interestingly, previous notifications didn't go to junk, from back in November.

And it may be that the Outlook search wasn't working as I expected (before was on a different computer, different email client).

Mystery solved, looks like it probably was on my end.  I'm not sure why webmaster emails started going to my junk folder.

Maybe the missing notification I was looking for had been in my junk folder, and it may be set to purge periodically, hence no longer available for search.  I only have a couple of recent notifications in Junk, and then older notifications in my inbox.  There's a dead spot from fall/winter corresponding to the PM I only recently noticed.

Part of my problem may be that when I visit, I usually don't log in, unless I actually am posting.  And at that point it is usually targeted engagement in response to another post.  I must not notice the little PM notification at the top during that window of being logged in.

Jackson County, OR (Zone 7b/8a)
34 Posts
January 6, 2022 - 1:06 pm

Great! I am glad the mystery is solved 🙂 Good idea to whitelist the email address or check spam more often. If your email provider automatically deletes after 30 or 90 days or something, which is common practice, that might account for the missing notifications.

Lewis Co., WA
373 Posts
January 8, 2022 - 11:37 pm


I note that you said:   "Part of my problem may be that when I visit, I usually don't log in, unless I actually am posting."  That's usually how I check into the Forum, just to see whether there's a subject that I want to comment on (--perhaps too often and, perhaps, unnecessarily--).  Related to another earlier post by someone on the HOS Forum, I, too, have found that after posting a response to something, I've been "logged out" automatically and need to once again "log in".  Not sure what that's about or why.  It's not any tremendous effort to log in again, but I'm not really sure why this occurs....  Is it an attempt to keep verbose idiots like me from over-posting? Laugh

Reinettes (Tim).

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